Advocating The Rights Of Employees And Employers

Diane Perez
Attorney Perez

Legal Advice That Helps Miami Employers Thrive

Your business’s relationship with your employees currently may be good, with no fear of a lawsuit on the horizon, but you still need proper legal support to protect yourself. Even the best employers run the risk of legal claims and litigation from their workforce. You can take steps to help prevent these problems, but trying to handle these tactics on your own tends to take a lot more time than you can afford. The chance of headaches and costly errors is too high to be good business.

Instead, business owners throughout South Florida turn to my law firm, Diane Perez, P.A. I have more than 15 years of experience in employment law and am board-certified in that area by the Florida Bar. These accomplishments give me a unique level of ability to help you prevent employee litigation before it can happen.

Anticipating All Of Your Business’s Legal Needs

Among the nonlitigation matters I help business owners with are:

  • Agency audits
  • Reductions in force and severance agreements
  • Employee hiring, firing and disciplining
  • Employee handbook and employment policies
  • Harassment and employment training

Your business is unique. I tailor my nonlitigation advice and assistance to your particular needs. For example, what might be necessary for a business with four full-time employees might not be the same as for a company with 40 workers. I will base my advice on saving you time and money and creating a predictable system for dealing with potential employee conflicts.

High-Quality Legal Advice At A Reasonable Cost

I offer this wide array of services at hourly rates well below what the larger firms charge. Because I will handle everything about your case personally, your business will save money while sacrificing nothing in terms of experienced and proven legal support.

Put your business in the strongest possible position to grow and thrive. Call 305-701-9474 to reach my office in Coral Gables and schedule a consultation. You can also email me if you prefer. Se habla español.